Deal Arch provides a full range of finance and accounting solutions on a project or contract basis. The Deal Arch team can utilize many different tools to provide the required services. The team often uses some combination of the client’s accounting software (e.g. QuickBooks, SAP, Argus), standardized models, and custom spreadsheets. From experience with hundreds of businesses, the team has a wide variety of financial tools that can help expedite the process.

Deal Arch services include:

· Bookkeeping & account reconciliation

· Bill paying and cash flow management

· Budgeting and variance reports

· Payroll processing

· Periodic financial statements

· Investor reporting

· Monthly and annual projections

· Year-end tax preparation


Deal Arch works with executives, owners, advisors/brokers, and investors on all types of investment and corporate transactions, providing analysis, documentation, and execution support. The Deal Arch team acts as an extension of the in-house deal team, leveraging the existing resources and expediting the process from inception to closing. Having worked on hundreds of transactions, ranging from raising start-up capital to multi-billion-dollar mergers and IPOs, the Deal Arch team is intimately familiar with the various aspects of many different types of transactions. 

Our seasoned professionals can assist with financial modeling, documentation, presentation materials, as well as negotiation and closing. The end product can take on many forms, but Deal Arch specializes in the following:

· OMs, PPMs, & Flyers

· Brochures & Marketing Materials

· Pitchbooks & BOVs

· Investor Presentations

· Valuation models

· Returns analysis


Deal Arch also works with entrepreneurs, business owners, and executive teams, providing strategic consulting for various growth or transaction initiatives. At various inflection points during a company’s lifecycle, such as launching a new product or service, raising capital, refinancing, forming a strategic alliance, or selling the company, telling the story of the business can be a critical process.  A coherent, graphically-enhanced document or presentation, which outlines the story and supporting detail, is a vital tool used to attract interested parties. 

Deal Arch works alongside the in-house team, creating the content to tell the story of the business, asset, or transaction. Combining research, analysis, and creative design, the Deal Arch team is capable of crafting: 

· Business and asset summaries

· Industry overviews

· Economic studies

· Management profiles

· Competitive analyses

· Customized research